Technologies implemented for cleaning the oceans from garbage

September 07, 2019

The research is clear that  man-made pollution is choking the oceans. From plastics that swirl around the world trashing beaches and killing marine animals, to chemical and oil spills that poison the sea, humans are to blame for much of the oceans’ deteriorating health .Fortunately for our planet, some people have dedicated themselves to reversing mankind’s mistakes.They are trying to invent technologies that can clean the ocean garbage.

  1. This genius bucket that sucks trash and oil out of the sea

     The Sea Bin, created by two Australian surfers, is a bucket with a pump and water filtration system that is designed to suck debris from any marina or dock. The bucket includes an optional oil-water separator system that will pull oil right out of the ocean, then spit out cleaner water through the other side of the pump. Owners of the technology are still developing their invention, but a small number of Sea Bins have been installed at  San Diego and Finland. The product is expected to go on sale to the public later this year, according to Business

    2. Boyan Slat’s ambitious plan to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


    Boyan slat wants to develop a drifting V-shaped system designed to collect plastic pollution at the ocean’s surface as currents push it along.

    3.Recycling the waste into oil 

    British company Recycling Technologies has developed a revolutionary technology that turns all forms of plastic products into virgin plastic, wax, and oils, called Plaxx. This includes materials traditionally considered  not recyclable.
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