September 09, 2019

Social Studies Help To Reach The Vision Of The National Curriculum

Social studies is the integrated study of multiple fields of social science and the humanities, including historygeography, and political science studied in primary and secondary grades. The social studies curriculum connects the past, present and future of the Maldives.
Social studies is aim at building on the social knowledge, skills and attitude of the students to facilitate positive growth and development.
Social studies make Successful individuals who are motivated to learn and explore; who are inquisitive and eager to seek, use and create knowledge.
Social studies allows students to be Confident and competent and have a firm belief in Islam.

And also the curriculum helps them to be Responsible and productive contributors to their own family, their local community and the global society.

More over social studies allow the students to:
  • ·         Value their roots
  • ·         Explore their pasts and understand their contexts,
  • ·  Appreciate the interrelationships between people across time, environments and cultures while developing civic efficacy
  • ·         Comprehend how societies work
  • ·      Develop the knowledge and skills which will help them to make informed and reasoned decisions that are required of responsible and active citizens of a democratic society in an independent world
  • ·    Help them to appreciate diversity and develop respect for oneself and others while learning to be compassionate and tolerant.
  • ·      Learn the skills of critical analysis and self-reflection, allowing them to develop their own identities.

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