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Social Studies, Mindmap

September 09, 2019

Social Studies

Social studies is the integrated study of multiple fields of social science and the humanities, including historygeography, and political science studied in primary and secondary grades. 
The social studies curriculum connects the past, present and future of the Maldives.
Social Science allows students to value their roots, explore their pasts and understand their contexts, appreciate the interrelationships between people across time, environments and cultures while developing civic efficacy. Social studies help students to motivate to learn and explore, make them confident and competent who have firm belief in Islam and make them responsible and productive contributors to their family.
The principles of social studies includes  Practicing Islam, Understanding and managing self, Thinking critically and creatively, Relating to people ,Making meaning, Living a healthy life, and Using technology and media.
There are different Strands in social studies. Each strand has different sub strands.

The strands and sub strands of social studies:

sub strands
Culture and Identity         
Cultures and Heritage        
People, Places and Environment  
The World in Spatial Terms          
Society and the Environment        
Human Systems       
The Economic World         
Use of Resources    
Economic Systems   
International Economics and Trade         
Financial Institutions          
Time, Continuity and Change      
Time and Change     
Developing World    
Active Citizenship  
Roles, Rights and Responsibilities
Decision- making and Leadership  
The Government      

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