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Should students be taught typing instead of writing?

September 18, 2019

Should students be taught typing instead of writing?

Using technology in schools are common now days. Children spend more time typing using the devices that they use in every day. Some teachers believe that teaching children to type is easier and time saving. They think that they can just sent the task for children through Google classroom and ask them to write an assay or make a power point presentation and sent it to the teacher.
Even though the situations are like this, I believe that students are to teach how to write instead of teaching them to type. Because now a day’s students use their mobile phone to take picture of what they have to learn instead of writing it. Resulting that their handwriting become weaker. More over the thinking and information processing of the students are weaker.

Research has proven that writing notes by hand creates more neural pathways in the brain. Mental stimulation in the brain occurs when we write, and brain imaging suggests a connection between idea generation and handwriting.

 When students take notes from the board by hand, they are processing the information as they read. Through this processing, they are internalizing more information than if they were to just snap a picture to look at later.
As we all know writing involves lots of physical engagement with the information we are learning. But in Typing it does not create the same engagement. Typing might allow us to copy down a larger quantity of information, but this is not good for students who need to learn to be selective in processing the information they receive.
 So, I can say that teach children to write instead of typing is more effective in teaching and learning process.

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