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Should video games be used in education?

September 10, 2019

Should video games be used in education?

Technology in classrooms are good. Teaching the children of modern world using technology helps them engage in the lesson and gain their interest in learning.  Using video games in class for educational purpose is also effective. Using video games in education helps children to develop certain skills like problem solving and creative thinking. Therefore use of video game in education is important.
As we all know there are advantages and disadvantages video games

Advantages .

-            It helps to develop thinking skills.
-            Helps to think creatively.
-            Helps to develop problem solving skills.
-            It Helps with Hand-Eye Coordination. 
 I       Expands Memory Capacity. ...

-            It Helps Kids Who Struggle with Attention Disorders. ...
-            It Helps Kids Become More Computer-Literate.
-            It helps to maintain children’s motivation



-            If the teachers is unable to design the game in an interesting way it will be disadvantage.
-             It may be a waste of time.
-            It leads children to addiction.
-            It could be a gap between teaching and learning
-            Game leads physical and psychological problems.

So, to make teaching fun and interesting, we as a teacher has to use video games in classroom. Not every lesson but has to be very creative and create video games to use in the classes.

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