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Should video games be used in education?

September 10, 2019

If you ask a student what is his/her hobby than almost 90 percent of them will say it is playing video games. Kids love to play them but not all the games available in the internet are safe. Due to this reason teachers and parents are in need of a solution in which the students will benefit from playing video games. These can be achieved if video games are used in education.

Benefits of using video games in education

There are lots of benefits of using video games in educational setting. When teachers use video games in their classrooms it will help all the students to focus and to makes students entertaining. When correct video games are used while teaching it will help to:

·         improves students core English skills
·         Improves concentration and focus
·         Teach how to learn from failures
·         Helps to cater all the students’ needs

Disadvantages of video games

When too much video game is used in the classroom it will make the students less physically active and as a result their ability to think critically and creatively will be reduced. Video games might even have some mental effects on the students.

To sum up, I personally believe that if video games are used in a balanced  in education, it will have positive impacts on students performance.

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