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Should Video Games be Used in Education?

September 19, 2019

                                           Should Video Games be Used in Education
Yes, video games should be used in education. As graphics grow richer and stories become engaging, so is the human involvement (Arias, 2014). In a similar fashion that people enjoy reading, they enjoy gaming too. Gaming can help students explore beyond the fantasy world and facilitate learning. Gaming encourages the development of social skills, teamwork, and creates a well of knowledge such as problem-solving skills.
The educational value derived from video games is English skills. Students learning English as a second language stand to benefit from language skills during gaming, particularly English video games (Alamri, 2016). Video games also help improve focus and concentration. For instance, Mine-craft, a popular video game, proves an incredible outlet for persons with ADHD and autism, nurturing creativity amongst them (DIA Web Solutions, 2014). Besides, video games teach kids through breaking down tasks and get a reward for success. Video games also teach how to learn from failure. From video games, kids learn that failure is just a setback and not a sign of something they lack (Alamri, 2016). Among other factors, video games make learning fun.
Given that the existing video games provide lessons and knowledge alongside developing skills if adopted in learning, the games are likely to improve education and learning experience. Learning through play is an exciting way to get students to remember, memorize, and develop practical problem-solving skills (Arias, 2014). Education through entertaining mediums such as video games enables rapid feedback that prompts learners to alter strategies and rethink. The games empower students to collaborate and learn teamwork skills to conquer tasks (DIA Web Solutions, 2014). Unlike other methods of learning, video games are a powerful tool to deliver knowledge and instruction.
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