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Should video games be used in education?

September 10, 2019

Should video games be used in education?

Introduction: A video game is an electronic game that contains social collaboration with a user line to produce graphical criticism on a video device such as a TV screen, computer monitor, smart phones, and tables.
We have started to recognize that, as people adore books and movies and physical media, people adore gaming excessively. And can practice it for more than just discovering imaginary worlds. Video games are the true method of computer- based learning and enriching ourselves. It enables appearance of “gratification” in many industries and schooling being on the top lead. Video games play a vital role of children’s amusement.

This article will highlight the importance of using video games in education. 

Advantages of playing video games, in education

·        Develops core English and cognitive skills.
·       By playing multiplayer cooperative games enables students to learn English as a second language through context, play, and social communications.
·       Improves concentration and focus.
·       Helps foster creativity.
·        Codes to clarify and guide kids in a multitude of self-controls. 

·       Helps to learn from failure.
·        Improve critical thinking skills and reading comprehension.
·        Helps to make students’ happy and relieve stress.
·        Boosts teamwork, social skills, and, a wealth of knowledge.
·        Permits students to learn at their own bound without continuous parental oversight.
·        Teaches new technical skills.
·        Also enhance memory, reasoning, perception, special thinking and problem solving.  

Importance of using video games in the classroom

As we all believe that in the teaching and learning process, students’ motivation and encouragement enhances the best result in their academic performance as well as several skills as mentioned above in advantages of using video games in education. Also, it will be very helpful for visual learners. Therefore, schooling must be focused on students’ motivational techniques as applying video games to introduce or explain a specific topic results high level of motivation and participation too. In addition, it will be very useful for teachers as well as students to apply video game as an assessment tool.


This study proves that, video games helps to improve students’ motivation on studies, academic performance, and develops several skills as well. Consequently, video games can be a greater tool for the moderation of the process of the positive teaching and learning environment.

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