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Should video games be used in education?

September 10, 2019

Should video games be used in education?

         We all know that students learn best when they get motivated and they are provided a challenging task. Using video games in education may have a lot of benefits of students. Students will enjoy though games which promotes for meaningful learning. According to (fuse, 2014) video games can positively help classroom and increase students learning. In addition, to technical concepts, video games can teach students about creativity.

Using video games in the classroom

          Using video games in the classroom helps to get motivated. Also video games are an interactive entertainment. It helps students with educational subject matter, they demonstrated further advantage. making use of video games in the classroom is simply another technique to engage with students.

Learning through video games

            Video Games Used as Learning Tools in Schools. Unlike many video games, the students are not fighting against each other. Instead, the classroom games are being used by teachers to present different school subjects. The students can earn points as they pass through different educational levels of the game. Mostly students who are visual learner will benefit from this method of learning.

Types of learning through games

            Video games may improve focus. Some people think that playing video games decreases kids' attention span. But it has many advantages too such as video games may improve problem-solving skills and comprehending skills. Also it helps boost creativity. In addition video games may reduce depression.
      In conclusion teacher should grab attention from students in order to make them learn something. To do this teacher can observe the interest of students and can apply different strategies in learning. Video games are one of the best learning tools that nowadays implement in classrooms.


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