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Should there be any regulation of cyber bullying?

September 09, 2019

Should there be any regulation of cyber bullying?

               Bullying is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to anyone in any age. I am saying this because I have seen and heard a lot of cases about bullying. People get emotional and harm themselves due to bullying. Not only harm physically, it goes further than it. People kill themselves, until they can’t bear the pain. As now days we all are very familiar with social apps and it is possible to happen anyone of us.
           Due to these reasons in my opinion it is very important to create laws against cyber bullying and make people aware about such things. If we can create such strict laws against the cyber bullying, there will be chances to decrease such kind of dirty actions. Also if people are aware about such laws they will not hesitate to take right actions to save their life and their family or society.
      Cyber bullying might be someone is threatening the other person using internet such as use phones, messages, emails and online posts. Also someone is encouraging to other person to suicide is another type of cyber bullying. Nowadays our young generation is also engaging such games like PUBGI and other types of games. These kinds of games encourage people to move themselves towards the criminal.
        In conclusion it is very important to create strict laws against bullying in order to save our community and to provide safe environment for everyone.

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