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Should there be any regulation of cyber-bullying?

September 11, 2019

Should there be any regulation of cyber-bullying?

Cyber bullying is one of the major issue face in today’s generation.  Cyber bullying takes place over the digital devices like cell phones, computer, tablet etc. it is happening even by using SMS, social media or forms of games. Cyber bullying is very often now a days it is because the generation we are living with is very much addicted to technology and social media. Children are using face book and even viber. They are always watching you tube and playing online games.

how bullying happens

People share videos, photos, posting or sharing negative and false information. Sometimes people share their personal and private information about someone else to course embarrassment or to humiliate. People bully children through social media by sending videos and pictures that are not relevant for the children. That happens because sometimes children share their information through social media to strangers.

Here are some signs that we see when someone is cyber bullied.

-            Become shy and depressed
-            Sometimes be aggressive
-            Hesitate to go to school
-            Loss interest in study
-             Stop using phone or tablets.

Cyber bullying is a crime so that there must be some rules and regulations, so that people can follow it. If people do not follow the rules and regulations that are made has to be punished accordingly. There must be a way to find out people who are bullying others.


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