Should there be any regulation of cyber bullying?

September 10, 2019

Should there be any regulation of cyber bullying?

Introduction: Cyber bullying is a kind of bullying that arises through digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computer. It can arise through apps, or online social media, SMS, forums, or games that people can view and share content, or participate in. Cyber bullying contains sending, stationing, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else as well as sharing personal or private information ,pictures, videos about someone causing awkwardness or degradation. Some cyber bullying crosses the limit and effect into criminal behavior too.
This study will explore about cyber bullying and importance of establishing rules on it.

Why should we need to establish regulation on cyber bullying?

Currently, cyber bullying is one of the common and concerned issues around the world, which results dangerous issues on victims, such as confusion, depression, lack of confidence, demotivate and sometimes death penalty.

For example if a school student is a victim of cyber bullying by other students or an adult, he/she might stop attending to school or refuse to talk with friends and even parents too. This issue might lead him/her to harm themselves, and he/she might believe that there will be no way for them to escape other than suicide. Therefore, as parents, teachers, school management, and the community should not ignore and be aware of such issues as well as should help them to overcome from it.

Cyber bullying can also take the form of online sexual harassment, which is illegal under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Commonwealth) if the harassment could 
practically be predicted to insult, embarrass or frighten the individual to whom the harassment is focused. This type of behavior foreseen by section includes making an undesirable sexual spread or invitation for sexual favoritism or appealing in other annoying conduct of a sexual nature. In the setting of cyber bullying, sexual harassment can take the form of sexual text messages or emails, inappropriate advances on social media and accessing sexually explicit websites. Therefore, cyber bullying is not at all acceptable, even adults should be aware of.

How to regulate cyber bullying in schools
·        In order to make students and parents aware of it, prepare and give presentation about acceptable online behavior.
·        Do not give punishment, but make them aware of the effects of cyber bullying.
·        Advice parents to observe the child’s behavior at home and talk to school if any cyber bullying happens other than threatening the parents of bully face to face.
·        Create school level laws and regulations on cyber bullying.

Ways to use internet wisely
·        Keep your cell phone yourself and do not allow others to be aware of your personal passwords.
·        Do not take and forward you’re pictures or videos to any person that might get harm your reputation.
·        Do not open or share unaware applications and requests.
·        Do not chat with strangers.
·        Do not allow others to login with your private accounts.


This study concludes that, to build a safe and productive environment for everyone, there should be punitive regulations against cyber bullying as it is developing in an alarmed level by crossing its limit as it became a significant legal issue of growing local, national and international standing as well.

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