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Should students be using tablets at school?

September 07, 2019

Technology is constantly advancing and many schools are taking use of it. Tablets should be the primary way students learn in class.  According to the survey of technology in the classroom, 77% of teachers found technology to “increase student motivation to learn.”  
Tablets should replace textbooks. One single tablet can hold hundreds of textbooks. Tablets are much lighter than textbooks, save storage space in classrooms, and can improve the environment by reducing the amount of printing. Schools spend on average between $30,000-$50,000 just in paper yearly. Many schools have out-of-date textbooks, but tablets would fix that problem. Students will learn faster and more efficiently with technology while being more engaged.  
 Many people may worry tablets would be a distraction. Tablets could teach students discipline if used correctly. Schools can restrict certain websites. If the tablet is owned by the particular school district, it can be designed with only certain apps.

 The Apple App Store and Google Play alone have over 15,000 educational apps. Technology is already a part of everyone’s daily lives. Students and teachers have been using their smartphones for years and it wouldn’t be a challenge to adapt to tablets.In 2017 a global survey of K-12 teachers in 89 countries, 95% of teachers responded positively to the question: “Does digital learning positively impact student growth?” 

          Students can do classwork and homework on tablets. They can also play educational games. With tablets, students can get their notes fast, highlight them and edit them. Teachers can customize a student’s learning through tutoring applications. Tablets will teach responsibility to students because they [students] have to keep up with the tablets and maintain them.   
Tablets ready students for the future workplace. Tablets provide students with more organization, creativity and endless opportunities. In conclusion, tablets would be an immense improvement to schools.  


      Reference: Retrieved fromThe SHS Jacket Buzz

The Student News Site of Starkville High School

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