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Should students be taught typing instead of writing?

September 27, 2019

Should Students be Taught Typing Instead of Writing?

         Students should be taught how to write instead of typing. Research has proven that handwriting creates more neural pathway to the brain. When we write, the mind imagines the suggestion then connects between idea generation and writing.  The mistakes we do when writing, they are noticed, and an alert in the brain notifies us for correction. All these activities keep the mind active as it helps brain growth.

 Handwriting strengthens the learning process compared to when you are typing. Typing impairs the learning process if compared with writing. In the case where students are taking notes from the board, they process the information as they read (Longcamp, 2005). Students also get to internalize more details as they write rather than when typing or snapping pictures to look at them later. When it comes to reading, going to the library to research from the books is more helpful than searching from Google. Typing has to do with the use of technology which now involves searching from Google. In the library, the environment itself switches the mind and the atmosphere of reading. When one says he/she is in the library, that is enough to tell you he/she needs a quiet time to read. If you are reading using a laptop or a tablet, it is easy to be distracted to watch a movie or respond to a message. Handwriting training gives raise to a better letter recognition than the typing training (Longcamp, 2005).  When you stop writing, you become a passive receiver of information. From a passive receiver of information, you as well become a passive thinker to internalize what you have read (Longcamp, 2005). After the internalization of information, it is easy and important to write down short notes that you remember for revision.
Education is beneficial when students fight to earn it rather than being spoon-fed. For a better educational foundation, students should first be introduced to writing. Later on in their upper classes, typing should then be introduced. The hard times one goes through to acquire knowledge act as a motivates in his/her education life. Teachers should put this into place; otherwise, students will be accustomed to receiving information without processing.

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