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Should students be taught typing instead of writing?

September 27, 2019

In olden days when a child is able to stand him selves, they are thought how to read and write.  This is the age where they need lots of cognitive development. But nowadays, after the invention of computers and tablets, some people try to teach the child how to type instead of writing.

Many experts believe that it is important that the young children to be thought to write on their own, this helps their brain development and thinking capacity. By using tablets or computers at this age will harm the child in numerous ways that parent might not even have thought about. Increasing screen time may results in screen deficiency diseases.

To reduce mental diseases and to make the students more creative it is important to learn how to write rather than how to type. When they learn how to write it will help them to type even. There are many reasons why the developing world lacks in creative people. One of the reason for this might be increasing the use of computers and tablets in the students writing.

It is important to learn how to write since in this the developed world we need to do our work quickly and efficiently.

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