Should students be taught typing instead of writing?

September 24, 2019

Should students be taught typing instead of writing?

Technology and handwriting in schools

It’s not a surprise to know that half the tasks primary school children do at school every day contains writing; this isn’t done by using technology. While schools try to offer technology in many of our classrooms access is limited and issues with software, hardware and security and persistent. Subsequently, most of the writing our children do in primary schools at least, is handwritten.
I would like to know more about the attitude of teachers to handwriting and how they use it in schools today. I also want to know what parents of school aged children feel about what is happening for their children in terms of handwriting and keyboarding.

What research so far says about hand

 Indeed, it is essential when children are learning their letters. They learn the name of the letters, the sounds they make in different words, how the letters looks and significantly how to form or create the shape of the letters. There are also important connections here to how we remember.
Even adults remember more of what they write by hand than what they write on keyboard or tablets.
This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also teach children how to use keyboards, though there is some research to suggest that keyboard skills should build on from the skills of handwriting. “It is more effective to teach keyboarding skills in Year 5 or later”, Stevenson and Just,(2014).

As far I believe that simply typing is not a skill for students in the academic feature, but the mixture of handwriting and keyboarding are necessary to achieve the learning goals.

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