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Should students be taught typing instead of writing?

September 20, 2019

Yes , tablets have become important tools in education today, typing on the computer is still a crucial skill for students to learn. ... Writing on the computer can actually improve a student's skills because the process becomes more fluent as ideas flow freely through the fingertips and onto the screen.

Why is keyboarding important?

There are many reasons why keyboarding is preferred over the “Hunt-and-peck” method of using a computer. Touch typing enhances accuracy as you harness muscle memory in the fingers to assist with spelling. So what do we mean by muscle memory?

Once you have mastered the fingering on the keyboard, and consistently use the same finger for a letter, you automatically remember where the finger goes without conscious thought.


When it comes to typing, it’s also clear that students need some skills in this area.
Using a hunt and peck method requires a lot of brainpower. We want our students to be thinking about how to convey their ideas, not wondering where the letter “s” is.
The fact is though, people generally end up gaining some sort of fluency with handwriting. It might be messy but most adults are not super slow writers.
Is the same true for typing? I don’t think so.
Example: I’ve sat in front of a number of doctors who are looking up and down from the keyboard to their screen as they slowly type notes with two fingers. These are highly intelligent people. You’d think if typing came “naturally” then they would have picked up a better method (just sharing a general analogy here; we know many doctors are proficient typists).
Surely it would be better for professionals like these to be spending more time listening and relating to you while considering your medical situation, rather than trying to hunt for letters?

So here’s my point: a basic standard of keyboarding skills is required and it doesn’t always come naturally. That being said, I can touch type very well, yet was self taught.

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