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Should students be taught typing instead of writing?

September 15, 2019

Should students be taught typing instead of writing?

             Our needs are changing according the development of our world. Before invention of technology, our ancestors used much material for writing. They used feathers and ink to write. Lately they managed somehow writing using pen, pencils , papers and etc. as technology become more advanced most of us start depending on typing using digital devices instead of handwriting. It is true that all of the offices, companies of government also depending on typing as typing is faster and available of beautiful fonts. Also it can reduce paper work a lot which is environmental friendly.

      In my opinion as a teacher we should make student practice both ways. We need to make them to be familiar with technology as well as hand writing. Why student should be taught typing is make them change according to development of world which makes their life easier. Also why we should teach them writing is many different reasons. One reason is not stopping the creativity and services. As technology is human made thing and it might get fail in any minute, in such situations comes also the services should be run. For these important reasons we need to teach them two different ways.

   In conclusion, as we teach them the use of both and the importance of both writing and typing they will not hesitate learning any of these. The thing is we need them to understand how things work and there should be always a way to go on.

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