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Should students be allowed to use computers and tablets in classes?

September 09, 2019

Should students be allowed to use computers and tablets in classes?

As we all know in our society each and every one is very familiar with technology and knows how to use the technological devices. When we look around people of every age has smart phones with them. Children are cleverer than their parents. Each and every minute they learn something new from the technological devices like phone, tablet and computer. 

ICT in classroom is very important. It is a helpful tool to keep children’s motivation and engage them in study. Students can use their own device to search for information they need. Teachers can provide online assignments to students, so that students can do their projects and power point presentations using the laptop, computer or tablet. As they carry their own laptops and tablets to the classes, teachers can use it as a text book, so that they don’t have to carry the heavy bag with them every day. Teachers can share the lessons, worksheets, videos and other stuffs with children. More over when teachers take them to field trips they can carry their own laptop and tablets with them to the field. Then they can get opportunities to research on the topic and can click the related pictures to use it in their project works.

 As it is very important to use tablets and laptops in interactive teaching classes. Teachers and school management should allow their children to take the devices with them to their class. Because technology makes children more interesting and engage in studying. More over for teachers it will be very easy if they allow their children to take their laptop and tablets to class, because they don’t have to prepare worksheets every time and don’t have to take print outs of the worksheets. As well as it can minimize the amount of paper used in the school so they can save and spend money for some other work. So it is ok to use tablets and laptops in today’s classrooms.

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