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Should students be allowed to use computers and tablets in classes?

September 23, 2019

                                                                     Technology in Class

When talking about the use of tablets and computers in the classroom, we need to understand the concept of technology. Technology entails input conversion of input according to various system and makes data a raw fact. Technology concerns all the tools that are potential that offer many benefits to students in the classroom. The paper below explores whether students should be allowed to use tablets and computers in the school.
Should Students be Allowed to Use Computers and Tablets in the Classroom?
Students need not lose access to essential tools for learning. These technological tools have many benefits for the in classwork. The use of e-books through personal devices by students makes the students be informed in the classroom. These devices include cellphones and tablets (Cubukcu & Tosuntas, 2016).
There are several reasons as to why learning institutions should keep using technology instead of turning back. Firstly, these students are natives of technology since it is their second nature. These students are have incorporated with many aspects of life. The e-learning tools like cellphones, tablets, and notebooks are the students learning aids (Waite, 2017). However, the use of e-books by students is essential for learning due to several reasons. They can be accessed easily using personal devices of students; they cost-effective and are friendly to the environment (Domingo & Garganté, 2016). So, they should use them during the class to look for necessary information.
Lastly, learners need to use these technological tools since they add supplementary information that makes learning easy. They use the devices to get the information being discussed in the classroom. Both the students and their teachers use these devices in obtaining additional information.
In conclusion, at a higher level, technological tools help the students get prepared for fieldwork. Some engage themselves in projects that require exclusive access by the use of these devices. The purpose of technology will generally make learning easy and applicable

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