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Should students be allowed to use computers and tablets in classes?

September 15, 2019

Should students be allowed to use computers and tablets in classes?

notebooks, tablets and cellphones are all technology that students are accustomed to and can use as ancillary learning aids. They should not lose access to potential learning tools that have known benefits in a classroomStudents use e-books. ... Students should have access to them to look up information during class.  
Computers and technology should be allowed in schools because it makes everything more organized. No student will ever lose a paper due to the dreadful state of their backpack because it will already be safe in the mainframe of a computer. This will also make it so students have lighter backpacks so those who walk to school don't have an extremely heavy load.

Students are technology natives
The reason why I think of this is why tablets should be used it's so because I can watch YouTube and do it in spare time but my teachers who are mean teachers never want me to let me use my tablet in spare time you don't want to do one through eight. The use of personal technology devices in the classroom is prevalent at colleges and universities. Rather than embracing this trend, some faculty, departments and even entire institutions have started putting limitations on students’ use of personal technology in class.
I have experienced this firsthand in multiple classes at my own university. It started with teachers asking students to put away their mobile phones; now instructors are asking us to keep our laptops closed for the duration of class. The reasons behind these limitations typically have been concerns about students’ attention spans: a desire to prevent multitasking, keep them off of social media sites and limit distractions to others.
While it is inevitable that students will be distracted at times, putting constraints on the use of personal technology devices will not solve this problem. Restricting use of devices in the classroom is moving away from the trend of improving education by integrating technology. Here are five reasons why educational institutions should continue on that path instead of stepping back.

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