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Should students be allowed to use computers and tablets in classes?

September 10, 2019

Should students be allowed to use computers and tablets in classes?

        As a human being we have created in different way and each individual have different interests. So our learning type is very different from other. Some are very good at hand writing. But the other is very poor but he or she might be good at typing. Or someone who is very good at handwriting cannot type in a way that the others do. But the thing is both of them are learning and the different thing is the method they use to learn. So due to these reasons we should allow students to use such application in classroom. Computers and tablets are devices that we can use in our classroom for better learning.

Computer and tablets helps to students to be more smart.

In early days we are very much depend on paper works. Still we have lots of books with us to study which is made of trees. If we are using tablets and computers we will be able to learn information through digital device instead of books. Also it will benefit for our backbone as avoiding a bag of books.

Computer and tablets help students to get more information.

 As of now we have books which are provided with limited information. But students need more to learn. Once they have given such device they themselves try to learn and explore more information. In this way their thinking skills will be improved. Also it will be easier for teachers too due to less work.
              If we allow them to use such devices in classroom, but we need to be more careful whether they are using it the way they have to use it. It is better that we try to them to use such devices earlier in order to develop their skills.

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