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Robotic Chefs

September 17, 2019

Robotic Chefs: The gadgets’ functions and other options that make cooking easier
In the advanced days of technology, automated kitchens aren’t anything that we only see in sci-fi movies. Many tech companies are getting close to achieving what they called a “robot chef.” And by that time, you can have your restaurant-quality meal served right at home without having to go to a restaurant or even touch any of your cookware. With that being said, this article includes the most fundamental things you need to know about robot chefs and robotic kitchens. Could robot chefs make real ones obsolete? If you love to cook at home then it's unlikely you'll ever desire an automaton to help you around the house. If you love to eat out, you might not be bothered who makes it so long as it is delicious. With the seemingly unstoppable march of machines, we are likely to see robot chefs very, very soon.
There will likely always be a place for handmade recipes, even in the distant future, but fast food is likely to be one of the earliest "victims" of the rise of the robot in the workplace. Let's take a look at some examples that are in development. These babies are set to revolutionize our culinary needs forever.
How does a robot chef work?
Their final product, the Moley Automated Kitchen, comes with a fully articulated mechanical arm with 20 motors, 24 joints and 129 sensors that can accurately recreate movements of human hands. Shadow Robotics has really outdone itself as its pair of arms were very well-constructed and able to execute complex tasks with great speed and sensitivity. Moreover, the kitchen table features the standard kitchen appliances, including an oven, stove, and many free counter space for the arms to work on.
But that’s just enough to make a good pair of robotic arms! They were lucky to receive the support from the BBC Master Chef Tim Anderson whose cooking skills were, without a doubt, among the best. His cooking was recorded and monitored using advanced sensors, from which the company can recreate his exact actions, but only this time, with a pair of completely robotic arms.
With the awesome advancements in our recent technologies and the huge potentials from the automated kitchens market, there is undoubtedly many companies want to join the race. Not long ago, Serengeti Kitchen introduced their cooking robot “Cookie” at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. The device comes in a smaller size and features a single robotic arm to prepare food from pre-portioned ingredients. Moreover, a Chinese restaurant has even created a noodle-slicer robot called Chef Cui which can completely replace human force in this sector. Another company is Momentum Machines who has debuted a cool machine which can produce 400 made-to-order hamburgers within just a single hour. There are many other companies eager to introduce their products as well.
So briefly, we can expect great robot chefs in the recent future.
But they still need human supports
Even though it’s a promising technology, at our current stage, robotic kitchens still need human assistance in completing their tasks. It’s clear that robots are, well, just robots; they are still not able to process complex thoughts and high-level of thinking as us.
This means that the robots in your kitchen aren’t entirely a “chef.” Even with the most advanced product like the Moley Automated Kitchen, it doesn’t have any way to see and locate the ingredients or kitchen utensils once they’re moved out of place. Moreover, it’s still unable to perform complex and heavy tasks like chopping, slicing, trimming, and so on. With other robot chefs, for most cases, users need to prepare the ingredients first before placing them in the cooking robots. Not to mention that using these robots will not shorten the cooking time compared to you cooking yourself.
Will a robotic chef replace human?
Will robotic chefs have any effect on the current job market in the cuisine industry? The short answer, YES, but it will take time. And until then, most cookers will not have to worry about machines taking all their jobs. There are many things that robot chefs aren’t able to do at the moment, and it would take forever for the machines to reach a level of finest as human.
Not to mention that only human is capable of making stuff with our creativity, while everything a robot can do is just mimics. So, unless you’re a really bad cook who can even improvise and create foods using your pallets and cooking skills, there is nothing to worry about these robot chefs. In fact, it’s even good new since good human chefs will have more time creating delicious recipes instead of wasting their energy in a crowded kitchen every day.
The Final Word
While the robot chef technology is a promising one, we can’t expect them to work just like human chefs. It would take years and years of developments to reach that level. But until then, having an automated cooker in your home to server whatever you order on the menu is extremely tempting, especially when you won’t have to waste your time in the kitchen anymore. With Moley's progress so far, it will only be a matter of time before any issues are resolved for domestic applications. Could it even build a new income stream for ambitious hobbyists? Perhaps future robot chefs could teach us how to cook, though that might defeat the object of buying one in the first place. Who knows. For now, we can only dream of the possibilities this could bring us all. Once the price tag has dropped considerably of course.
For some, the idea of having a machine cook for you might seem like sacrilege. There are many out there who actually enjoy cooking. For those in the culinary industry, the prospect of losing your job to a machine must be daunting. This technology could alleviate the workload at home and put you out of a job, literally a double-edged sword of sorts. Whatever your views, the introduction of robot chefs could change the way we eat forever. What are your thoughts? Would you install one in your home? Let's start a conversation.

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