People's mental health and how modern gadgets influence it

September 23, 2019

Technology is changing our every step of our lives so quickly including our physical and mental activities that it can be difficult to adjust to it. We all know that computers and smart phones were just the start of what will continue to reshape human interactions and humanity for the coming decades. Are technologies affecting our physical and mental health how technology affects? Is it helps our health and given solutions of our problems or it gives bad effects of our mental health?
Below here are few effects of our mental health.
·         Heavy cell phone use showed an increase in sleep disorders in men and an increase in depressive symptoms in both men and women.
·         Those constantly accessible via cell phones were the most likely to report mental health issues.
·         Men who use computers intensively were more likely to develop sleeping problems.
·         Regular, late night computer use was associated with sleep disorders, stress and depressive symptoms in both men and women.
·         Frequently using a computer without breaks further increases the risk of stress, sleeping problems and depressive symptoms in women.
·         Enhanced communication with others, which can improve the feeling of connection.
·         Behavioral problems.
·         Loss of social skills.
The effects of technology on mental health may depend on whether we are in control of the technology usage or whether the technology is controlling us. It is important to take back the control. To take control set limits for ourselves.

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