New technologies that reduce various health risks in polluted areas

September 20, 2019

New technologies that reduce various health risks in polluted areas

According to world health organization, two million deaths a year world worldwide is due to in-door air pollution. As well as outdoor air pollution dues another 1.3 million lives. Children are especially at risk.
Most of us just ignore such issues or even they are not at all worried about what is going on around us or some of us are not aware of it. On the other hand, there are some planners keep on inventing or producing different machines or objects which helps us to be safe.
New technology offers results, like producing some advanced machines to prevent from pollution. A few instances are mentioned below.

Hamburg cleans up its port

Air quality in harbor cities can be unhealthy, ships are burning marine fuels to generate power while in harbor, causing in huge amounts of CO2, NOx, and hazardous particulate substance. It was a problem in Hamburg, which is a popular destination for people on cruises. In order to reduce the air and noise pollution from ships in the harbor, some producers invented the shore connection system, which helps to draw the power they need from the mainland and turn off the generators while in harbor.
According to the Los Angeles Times, producers released a plan to cut air pollution and health risks over the next 20 years by exchanging diesel trucks and cargo equipment with zero radiations technology. The harbors are apparently the main single basis of air pollution in Southern California.

Glasgow turns to IoT to monitor air quality

Glasgow was looking for a more well-organized and economical way to monitor air quality and reduce radiations. The project with the University of Strathclyde Institute for Future Cities and the industry-led Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems (CENSIS) added a low-cost mobile monitoring solution to its current high-cost, fixed detecting places. The fixed places, “afforded extremely exact data, but their cost limits the quantity of deployments," Gavin Burrows, CENSIS project manager, told TechTarget. "Low-cost systems can be deployed flexibly and rapidly in mobile configurations to complement static stations. This can provide indicative IoT air quality data in areas without coverage in order to support identification of pollution sources."

Mapping pollution in Oakland

Sensors mounted on Google cars started driving the streets of West Oakland in 2015 to map air pollution. According to Hood-line, the cars drove more than 400 miles of streets in West Oakland and parts of East Oakland at least 30 times on 50 separate days to assure an adequate sample size. What the mapping exercise which eventually took almost three million measurements and traveled over 14,000 miles found was pollution levels varied between and neighborhoods. In some cases people who live near industrial operations or high-traffic corridors were breathing numerous times the amount of toxins as neighbors just a block away. According to the Google study, lead in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund and sensor technology supplier Aclima, delivered data residents can use to argue against further industrialization of polluted neighborhoods.

Beijing tries this and that                

The Chinese capital has tried some captivating methods to decrease the pollution that hangs overhead. For instance, According to Wired, the Smog-Free Tower cleans 30,000 cubic meters of air every hour using just 1,170 watts of energy. The smog elements are flattened and recycled to make things like cuff-links and rings. It was designed by Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde, one who works with a Chinese company on a Smog-Sucking Bicycle. Beijing is too seeing adding thousands of electric buses to its mass transportation fleet. According to Beijing Public Transport Group UPI, each firsthand electric bus would reduce about 45 tons of carbon dioxide radiations yearly.

Manchester pilots pollution tunnels

Motorway tents made with material that can absorb fumes and defend nearby residents are being tested in Manchester by Highways England. According to Wired UK, the same tunnel- like concept has been recycled in the Netherlands and on a smaller scale in China. Transportation officials say there are 2.3 thousand miles of motorway across the UK, hence the tunnels could characterize an important speculation. In the meantime, in a clean air plan publicized that the UK government said it would ban new diesel and petrol cars from roadways by 2040, a move to inspire electric and hybrid vehicles.
This article highlights how human can influence smart technologies to end misery in their populations and give all residents a path out of deficiency.

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