New technologies' impact on people’s health, lifestyle, and values

September 06, 2019

In present situation of our lives, multiple new technologies have been developed to help people in household’s works, office works and social works. Now a days without technologies our life would be very difficult. Because our life now depends on technology and we are addicted to it. New technology impacts our life in both positively and negatively.

Technology changes our life very much and it take us in new level. Just image our life before when electricity not available, when we don’t have mobile phones, when we don’t have any transport facilities to move one place to another. Before without those technologies life was much less complex. At the same time it’s very difficult to get many things done during day time only. Also It gives less work for humans and job can be done faster. It makes human to feel comfortable and easy to live. It also helps people to organize their daily activities. Nowadays, computer and mobile phone is the most useful and popular invention to every people. Technologies such as computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones make it easy for human beings of today to exchange information and communicate each other whenever we are any part of world as well as we can get any information what we want through internet. Technology enables every people to live in an easy and modern way of life. 

In other hand technologies have lots of bad effects in our life. Now a days children spend lots of time in front of the computer, TV and mobile phones but less time in unstructured outdoor playing or physical activities and can cause physical and mental damage to children like overweight, seizure disorder and vision problems also children behavior changes. Addiction to technology has made people lazy because people give less attention to walking and more to sitting, listening, and playing games.

Technology has both positive and negative effect on nature, as well. On the positive side, Technology helps and makes easy in every field in our daily life. In negative side technology has also changed communication in many ways, causing our critical thinking and social interaction skills to decline.
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