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Nanotechnologies in reducing the amount of garbage on the planet

September 16, 2019

54. Nanotechnologies in reducing the amount of garbage on the planet

       Nanotechnology is the study of phenomena and fine-tuning of materials at atomic, molecular and macromolecular scales, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale. Products based on nanotechnology are already in use and analysts expect markets to grow by hundreds of billions of euros during this decade.
         We all know that day by day the problem of harmful waste is increasing. In order to solve the problem scientists are doing a lot of study and finally they have some relief that using nanotechnologies they can reduce the amount of garbage on the planet.
       Scientists across the globe are developing nanomaterial that can efficiently use carbon dioxide from the air, capture toxic pollutants from water and degrade solid waste into useful products. Furthermore Nanomaterials could help us mitigate pollution. They are efficient catalysts and mostly recyclable. Now, they have to become economical for commercialization and better to replace present-day technologies completed
           Also once we are using lots of things which release carbon dioxide which harm our ozone layer making the layer thinner. Using Nanomaterials can convert carbon dioxide into useful products like alcohol. The materials could be simple chemical catalysts or photochemical in nature that work in the presence of sunlight
     Using Nanomaterials and technologies, we can make our earth more healthy and alive. So, our life will be more healthy and safe from pollution and harmful toxins which we created by our own hands.

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