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Modern Automobiles and Technologies that Help Drivers to Control their Vehicles

September 04, 2019

Maintaining modern vehicles is a highly skilled occupation that requires a thorough understanding of how they work. automobile technicians keep up-to-date with technological advances as modern vehicles get increasingly complex. Here are some important technologies and modern automobiles that help drivers to control their vehicles.

Connected Mobile Apps

Remotely lock and unlock the doors, check the status of things like fuel and tire pressure, and even remotely start the car to warm things up on a cold winter's morning.

Exit Warning to Protect Cyclists

If the sensors see an approaching bicyclist or close vehicle, they alert the passenger with a series of bright lights. If the warning is ignored, the most advanced systems will physically lock the door to prevent it from being swung open into the path of the approaching object.    

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

The system can alert you to approaching vehicles, shopping carts, or pedestrians who might wander behind your car without you noticing. Loud beeps are standard with these systems, but some cars can even automatically brake before a collision occurs.

 Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking uses a variety of sensors to determine if a forward collision crash is imminent and automatically applies the brakes to diminish the severity or avoid a crash entirely.

360-Degree Camera

It can show the sides of your garage, whether you're lined up in the parking spot at the grocery store, or provide invaluable assistance while parallel parking.

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