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September 10, 2019

In this modern era speeding is very common. The young generations prefer to go over the speed limits. This makes them very prone to life threatening accidents. Due to this reason automobile manufacturers are always coming up with new invention and technologies to prevent such accidents and allow the drivers to have more control over their vehicles while driving.

For all the manufacturers the driver’s safety and comfort is the number one priority. Electronic stability control (ESC) is one of the technologies invented in the modern days to ensure that the driver has full control over the vehicles at all times even in the most extreme times. ESC is also known as the roll over protection. This is a very specific technology that was originally invented to keep the vehicles well balanced during harsh weather or tough road conditions. These conditions can cause vehicle steering to be very extreme and can lead to crashes, roll overs and fishtails. The ESC technology prevents such accidents by allowing the drivers to have maximum control over the vehicle. The key feature of the ESC system is that it controls all the wheels individually by applying singular brakes to each wheel. Also, the electronic stability control provides balance and momentary steering control, rather than applying traction to the vehicle. Other than this the system allows the driver to exit hydroplanes safely. This feature works best when the ESC works in combination with the automatic emergency braking system.

The Automatic emergency braking system (AEB) is a collision avoidance technology which detects vehicles and pedestrians in front of the vehicle and applies the brakes automatically. The system alerts the driver of any suspected crash before making any decision to avoid the crash. This allows time for the driver to take actions and be prepared. If the driver does not take any action after the alert the system automatically applies the brakes and thus prevents any possible crashes.  
These technologies help to ensure that the drivers have 100% control over their vehicles while they are driving. Such technologies help to minimize road traffic accidents and save many lives each day. Electronic stability control system and automatic emergency braking system are some of the technologies that was invented to ensure that the roads are safe and that the drivers have maximum control over their vehicles when driving.    

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