Modern automobiles and technologies that help drivers control their vehicles

September 03, 2019

 Automobiles are much more than just an engine, transmission, interior and tires. They are full of the latest technology and incredible innovations that make vehicles smarter, more efficient and safer.
Technology has reached to a place where driving cars has been much more easier and safe. After  monitoring the way cars are being driven and avoiding collisions to warning drivers about speed and levels of alertness, here are a few of the technologies that are helping us steer towards a safer future.

 Automobile makers are now looking at ways to use external airbags to help protect pedestrians and
 animals who may collide with the vehicle, by fitting airbags externally.This can minimize the impact of crashes on both the occupant and the animal.This way driving is safer.

Lane departure warning systems are designed to warn drivers when they are drifting into another lane without giving an indication. The system monitors the markings on the road to make this detection. These systems are now advanced and have the ability to,not just give warning but can intervene with corrective steering and braking.

Moreover automobile makers have created a system which allows the car's system to take control and do the steering or brake the car if the car's radar system scans a vehicle or pedestrian is in front that is near enough to create an accident. This can avoid accidents and is much more safer to the drivers.

External airbags,Advanced lane departure warning systems and Frontal collision warning systems are Automobile makers which make driving easy. These things helps the driver to feel more relaxed about driving .complete focus while driving might not be necessary,because these features makes you safer.

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