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Is teleport possible or people should stop spending money on its development?

September 08, 2019


Teleport is transport or be transport across space and distance instantly or traveled by an  imaginary very fast from of  transport that uses special technology or special mental power, that discovering life to next level .


Nowadays transport plays a very important roles on our daily life and also it plays important part in economic growth and globalization, eg. metro, speedboat etc.


Technology is a body of know ledge devoted to creating tools processing actions and the extracting of material people may like to believe that are explorers .eg, computer , seaplane etc.

Mental power

Mental power is a idea of standing firm amongst the drama adversity and finding the inner patience to stay clear and centered and you will discover unlimited resources for creative expression and will feel as if you can take to the world. the human creativity of technology .eg, Time machine, space craft.


An air teleport is a types of magic tablet that teleports the player directly outside. the air ultra when it is broken. it is developing are new product. so if you want to teleport yourself to the next level of the game called life. use it and use it often. with so take next step in your life , without thinking.

Hawwa Hamza (ACFS batch1) 

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