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Internet of Things: how does it influence people’s everyday lives?

September 15, 2019

Internet of Things: how does it influence people’s everyday lives?

The internet things has been crucial in increase in number of things that people connect every day. Social network and some websites in has become a part of our daily routine. The appearance of smartphones has been crucial to increasing the number of these aspects, which today seem so normal, have paved the way to the Internet of Things. They give a foot to sectors that have wanted to add to the technological growth that the Big Data offers them.


-          The Internet of Things allows an exclusive and personalized use of the everyday devices that people use and that are connected to the Internet.
-        The technological advance gives access to incorporate in our products the novel and current details that make possible our positioning as leaders of the sector in which we are present.
-        We can process the data offered by the devices connected to the internet, with them, we have the privilege of anticipating the needs of users and win new customers.
-        As a consequence, applying a cost reduction is at our fingertips, since the efforts in the improvement of our products are aligned with the real needs of our target.

• Disadvantages

As there are benefits of internet things, there are risks of it too. Now a day’s people do crimes like identifying theft or impersonation. Secret hearings of people. Sometimes denial of services. And difficulty in connecting the internet and network. The most common crime is the theft of the password. And the most disturbing things that happens in the internet things are the Malware and different types of viruses.

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