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How can zero gravity in the outer space be used for people's benefits?

September 17, 2019

                  Like every other living creature we know of, humans evolved at the bottom of a gravity well. We take the Earth's tug for granted, and so do our bodies. So it's not surprising that our bodies behave oddly in orbit. What is surprising is that humans turn out to adapt remarkably well to zero-g (more precisely, microgravity).

Everyday Benefits of Space Exploration
  • Improving our understanding of the human body. ...
  • Talking on cellular phones. ...
  • Measuring pollution. ...
  • Creating jobs in technology. ...
  • Monitoring climate change. ...
  • Making scientific discoveries. ...
  • Performing risky surgical procedures. ...
  • Getting young people interested in science.

Important of Satellites

The satellites are launched into the space to do a specific job, There are satellites that are launched to monitor the cloud patterns for the weather station, There are satellites that launched to send television signals for Sky TV, and every satellite has to be designed specifically to fulfill its function.
The satellites are used for many things such as the communication, the oceanography, the astronomy, the surveillance, They help many scientists get a perceptive view at all kinds of objects anywhere in the world.
The satellites send television signals directly to homes, They send the signals from a central station that generates programming to smaller stations that send the signals locally via the cables or the airwaves, The  news broadcasts are  sent from the field to the studio via the satellite.
The satellites provide in the flight phone communications on the airplanes, They are the main conduit of voice communication for the rural areas and the areas where the phone lines are damaged after a disaster, And they provide the primary timing source for the cell phones and the pagers.


                     Our desire to understand the universe and discover the unknown has been reason enough to continue to develop advanced spacecraft and vessels that can go further and further into space, but is there a chance that space could have opportunities beyond fulfilling the desire to “go where no one has gone before?  we have been able to work on reel satellite signal, and we faced issues that researchers and engineers are facing during there thesis or work nowadays. It covers several fields, such as signal processing, radio frequency, computer science and some general approach on the satellite communication environment, which is rewarding for an engineering student.

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