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Educational Technology in Assessment and Evaluation

September 20, 2019

Introduction to Tablets in the Classroom
                    Tablet computers and effective technology integration strategies can inspire your teaching and encourage your students to think deeply, increase productivity, grow creatively, stay on task, and connect safely and effectively with the real world. Transforming Learning: Introduction to Tablets in the Classroom is designed for teachers who are about to implement tablets in a mobile teaching and learning environment. This training will empower you as a first time tablet user with new understanding about tablet features, navigation, applications, and file management. You will also explore instructional strategies for student centered tablet-based learning, and tablet management techniques in your classroom. You will be introduced to new collaborative models for teaching and learning in a mobile environment that meets the needs of all students.

 Meet the teacher’s advice to use the tablet in a proper way during the class time. Tell them assessment you can   make and guide the students to follow. During the teachers meeting explain the important of tablets and how tablets are inter related to teaching and learning process. In assessment and evaluation you can use for tablet.

Is tablet useful for students?
Tablets are a great way to show textbooks. ... Students are ready for tablets. Many school children use touch screen based platforms such as game consoles and phones and already have a good knowledge of the technology. Many already have a tablet at home.

Why are tablets useful in school?

As an economical resource, tablets make sense for students and teachers alike. Instead of lugging heavy backpacks to school, students can reduce weight by loading e-textbooks and classroom materials to a single device. This also reduces the risk of wearing out and damaging used textbooks

Why are teachers not using technology in the classroom?

It ensures the teacher that students can use them over and over again without having any problems due to a bad Wifi connection. Therefore, some teachers with unstable or low-speed internet will get hesitant about downloading certain apps if they know that it will interfere or even suspend their lessons.

                  Meeting the learning needs of all students is a complex and demanding task for guided teachers. How well students achieve at a class depends on factors such as how well teachers engage with their students, and the relationships in the class with their students. The assessment of student achievement, or understanding what students know and can do, is fundamental to effective teaching and to students’ learning. Unless teachers know students well and are knowledgeable about their achievements, they cannot be confident that they are meeting the learning needs of their students.

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