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Does the use of computer/technology in class benefit the educational process?

September 04, 2019

Does the use of computer/technology in class benefit the educational process?

           The whole world is depending on technology for an important reason. Technology makes our life become very easier and world become smaller. It can see in our classrooms too. Using technology and computer makes easier to get information and fulfill many important tasks on time.  If we see the world before the technology came to us is very different. 

        Of course there are better things without technology such as people life is active and more environmental friendly. But at that time if we need explore information we face a lot of challenges. But now we need a single minute to get the information that we are looking for. So, here what I am going to talk about  some  benefit of using technology in classroom.

Technology improves engagement

        Students feel more curiosity about lesson when teacher implements technology. Technology provides a lot of opportunities which students can engage in different tasks in new ways. Also they enjoy a lot doing such tasks. So the technology become as a motivator too.

Technology improves knowledge retention

             As we all know that students will study things more actively if they are motivated. Through technology teacher can make the lesson more interesting and challenging. There are different types of educational apps that students can use to learn knowledge. So, in this way teacher can make improve knowledge retention of students.

Technology improves collaboration.

              Nowadays we can learn new subject or course while sitting in our home, through technology which i would say the world became a smaller place. Through this way students become friends with others and start learning in groups. According to (webanywhere, 2019) students can practice collaboration skills by getting involved in different online activities such as forums, discussions, different projects and etc.

             In conclusion I would like to say we can change the future of a kid using technology if we know how to use it. So, we should teach the kids how to use technology in good way. 


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