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Does the use of computer/technology in class benefit the educational process?

September 01, 2019


As we all know technology in classrooms are very much important in 21st century. Schools started using tablets instead of text books, and we can research and search for anything that we want on our smartphones.  Social media has become our priority and the way we use technology has become part of our life.
Even educators have seen the importance of technology and they started developing these technological skills in students. So children will be well prepared to enter their life after schooling.   
 Technology in our classrooms had changed how teachers teach and how students learn. Teachers are using different technological devices like tablets, iPads, iPhone, Smart Boards, digital cameras in their classrooms while students are using advanced technology to shape how they learn.  By accepting and integrating technology in the classroom, we are setting our students up for a successful life outside of school. Here are a few benefits of using technology in the classroom.

Makes learning Fun

When we use technology in our teaching, students feel happy and make learning more interesting. Children can see videos power point presentations and other related things using tablets and ipads and laptops. 

Technology Prepares Students for the Future

As we all know we are preparing children for their future. Technology in the classroom will help prepare them for the 21st-century and develop. 21st-century skills are essential in order to be successful in this day and age. According to the new curriculum education isn’t just about memorizing facts and vocabulary words, it’s about solving complex problems and being to collaborate with others in the workforce. Ed-tech in the classroom prepares students for their future and sets them up for this increasing digital economy

Improved Retention Rate

 Using technology, students get chance to do project works on their own by using technological devices. It is proved by a research that technology helps them retain information better.  Because they do it by themselves.

Technology Helps Students Learn at Their Own Pace

Technology helps students to learn at their own pace. For example, almost all apps allow for individualized instruction. Students can learn according to their abilities and needs. This form of teaching is also great for the teacher because it gives him/her the time to work individually with students who may be struggling with their work.

Technology Connects with Students

Technology makes children and teacher connects each other when they were outside the class. By integrating technology into the classroom, teachers can change the way they are teaching. And even teachers can provide teaching tools to the kids through technological devices. 


Technology takes our lives far way. As educators we need to keep up with times in order to best prepare our children for the ever changing world that we live. Integrating and using technology in our classrooms has its benefits and change the way our kids learn and it’s more fun when using technological devices in teaching. It make children learn independently and effectively. Moreover technology makes teaching easier.


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