Does the use of computer/technology in class benefit the educational process?

September 02, 2019

In the 21st-century technology has been influencing every aspect of our lives including the way of education. The textbooks have been replaced by the tablets and the board we used to deliver the lessons has been changed to a smartboard and all the credit has to be given to the technology. Due to the advancement of technology students will no longer be forced to carry their 3 to 4-kilogram backpacks to the school and instead, they can have their books available in their tablets. Using technology in class has many benefits in the education process.

Technologies make teaching more fun
Imagine a class of 33 students being thought by using textbooks and a black/whiteboard only. It would be devastating and lots of disruptive behaviors may arise. But when technology is introduced into the classroom than the students are motivated and due to many flexible technological types of equipment, the teaching becomes interesting and more fun. When a teacher uses a projector or smart board to teach teacher could include more interesting and fun activities than teaching a traditional method of teaching. In the classroom, it is very important to create a positive and fun environment.

Improves knowledge retention
When students enjoy this will make them remember the knowledge longer. When students are actively involved in learning using technologies they can understand the concept quickly and can make the knowledge to stay with them for a longer time.  

Encourage individual learning
Different people learn differently due to their individual differences and ability levels. When no two students can learn the same amount of information in the same teaching method than it is nearly impossible that traditional teaching methods will make more students achieve the learning goals. This makes the teacher’s job harder and those to feel depressed. All these problems can be achieved if the technology is used as a mode of teaching since technology can be used to cater for individual needs. By using the internet and different teaching tools the low ability student can also be turned in the track.

Connects with students
Technology occupies an important place within students’ lives. Now teachers do not have to worry that they were not able to assign holiday assignment before the holiday or they could not give the marks before the final examinations since with technology in your class it does not stop if there is no school even. All the time students and teachers can be connected and can have conversations outside their class. This brought a good relationship between the teacher and the students.

It is true that in the 21st century it is impossible to succeed without technology by your side. Even though technology plays a master role in education, it is important to remember that the traditional method of teaching is also an essential part of education. Without face to face interactions between the teacher and the students, no technology can fill the gap. It is also important to remember that if the technology is not used wisely no matter how important it is, it can turn good into bad.  

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