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September 24, 2019

Minimalism is defined as a style or technique that is characterized by extreme sparseness and simplicity. This is a technique which has been popular day by day. It usually embraced by young generations who likes to try extreme lifestyles. Some people have an image of minimalist lifestyle as giving up all of the modern conveniences of the world for example living in a cabin in the woods without electricity or running water. Most people do not go to such extreme levels to embrace minimalism. Being a minimalist simply means to value one’s self more than material things. It means making decision based on what is needed rather than getting everything wanted.

In my point of view minimalism can somehow contribute to new technologies. Having many material things can cause the person to lack focus on important things and only worry about earning enough money to pay for all the materialistic things. Being a minimalist allows the person to have better focus on his needs and ideas. This could lead them to have more ideas on new technologies. Other than this living a minimalist life means that we save more money for other purposes. As people get rid of luxuries in the house, other tings open up. The money that is spent on buying and maintaining things are saved for other purposes. Having more money is also one of the reasons that can lead to new technologies and inventions. Most people are afraid to pursue their dreams due to the lack of money and finances.

The main advantage of following minimalism is that it can save more energy and time, both of which are vital for a person to come up with new technologies. Time and energy is something that everyone is lacking in today's busy world. So, in my opinion living a minimalist life can contribute to new technologies as it can help people to focus better, save more money, and save time and energy.

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