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Do technologies of Face ID and Touch ID protect people’s data from hackers?

September 27, 2019

Each year millions of new gadgets are made and new security features have been introduced to the worlds market. A most popular type of technology in the 21st century is Face ID and Touch ID. The producer of these technologies claims that it is the highest security feature produced till the date. They even claim that it is nearly impossible to break this high-security features. But can it be really safe from hackers?

When you try to unlock your smartphone using face ID or using touch ID it is using biometric authentication technology. It is nearly impossible to hack your data from this technology but if someone tries to open your phone while you are sleeping is easy with touch ID rather than passwords.

If you are a victim of target group they even might use your face ID to unlock your phone. It is not going to be easy to hack your phone when there is touch ID and face ID but it is not impossible. There are very few possibilities to hack it but it might be as safe as using high-security passwords. Basically, what the attackers need is a complete high resolution, non-smudged copy of your finger print, as well as thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

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