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Do such Internet search engines as Google, Ask, and Bing make people less attentive to the things they learn?

September 22, 2019

Do such Internet search engines as Google, Ask, and Bing make people less attentive to the things they learn?

People always find easy ways to do things in their life. Technology makes people more informative, make their life easier.  If people wants to find any information or want to do anything, they just Google it and find the answer. Teachers, lectures, students of different level do the same. If we do not know something we simply search it with one of the search engine rather than finding it in another way. Because it is easy and have different types of answers and related images.
 Although technology make people informative and make our life easier, it also make us lazy. Most of the time people and even students depend on technology more than what they learn from other sources, and even don’t want to use what they know in situations they have to us it. As they depend on technology even if they know something also, they will use search engines like Google, Ask and Bing etc. That is because each and everyone in this modern world has a technological device.
As we all know people depend on search engines more now. We only depend on the information we get from the internet. We do not work or try to get anther answer or do not want to receive other than we get from internet. Because of that our creative thinking and attention to what we learn become lower. Sometime we do not even think that whether the information we get from the search engines are correct or wrong. 
Although it is easy and informative, we should try to improve our memory through practice and doing productive things. So, I do not believe that participating on search engine makes less attentive if we practice the information we find and using that in a productive way. Because search engines make or offer easy and effective methods of teaching like Google classrooms for teachers and students. This make teachers and students more engage and practice what they learn through internet search engines in creative ways. So we should try to practice to develop our thinking and creativity with the information searched and try to create something out of what we learn.

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