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Digital Divide

September 05, 2019

Digital Divide

According to (Lindsay, 2009) the digital divide is a term used to refer to the gap between people who have access to the internet and those that do not. It can also refer to the skills people have, the divide between peoples who are at ease using technology to access and analyze information and those who are not. Now days we use technologies for everything and we need to overcome the digital divide.

Overcoming the Digital Divide

The digital divide, as a whole, remains an enormous and complicated issue - heavily interwoven with the issues of race, education, and poverty. The obstacle, however, is by no means insurmountable if broken down into specific tasks that must be accomplished. Aside from the obvious financial barriers, the following would help narrow the gap. moreover In order to overcome the problem we can do the following things.

Additional, Well-Trained Technical Staff

Computers and other technologies alone are not enough. Communities and schools must train and preserve additional and more qualified staff, alongside new technologies to promote the best application of resources. In addition to understanding the new technologies, the staff must be able to teach others.

Change of Public Attitude Regarding Technology

At the same time, much of society needs to change its attitude concerning technology. Rather than perceiving computers and the Internet as a superfluous luxury, the public should view them as crucial necessities. The public must come to realize the incredible power of new technologies and embrace them as tools for their future and the future of their children.

Lindsay, J. (2009). Digital Divide Introduction. https://www.slideshare.net/julielindsay/digital-divide-introduction: slide share.

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