Digital Age

September 05, 2019

Digital Age

The digital age or the information age, is well-defined as the time period starting in the 1970s with the outline of the private computer with succeeding technology that presented by providing the capability to handover evidence spontaneously and speedily such as, internet and email.
The current development of, era social economic and political processes are driven by application of ICT/digital technologies.
The three digital ages
Pre-digital age

In this age the devices had just one function, where media was physical, and technologies lived together with and in parallel to each other, then infrequently tangled. Retail was either in-store or through home shopping. Media channels were labeled afterward the particular method we expended them on, which are TVs, newspapers, magazines, radio.


This overlaps the age where digital is just becoming recognized into the mainstream, where digital is entirely occupied into our people. It made our life easier and even faster. Like, most of the shops and restaurants accept cards, can pay bills by our mobile phones through internet banking and many more.. This is the reason where the headlines features that, “Apple rule the world as eyeball pay the bill”. So, it is proven that we are in the mid-digital age.


In this age nobody might think of “digital”. It might be moved into the background as well as like electricity or oxygen; we might understand digital to be transmuted however unconnected. There might be no more chief digital officers likewise that a chief electric officer doesn’t exist currently. In this age, digital technology might be a vast and the internet might be a background unity, recognizable only in its lack.

The digital revolution

Advantages and disadvantages of digital time


According to this study, I noticed that digital time plays a vital role in our daily lives and it has several advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, using it wisely makes our lives easier, informative, and advanced and secure as well.

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