Creating positive learning environment

September 07, 2019

     Creating positive learning environment                
“A positive learning environment means that a student feels comfortable, has a sense of rapport their teacher and peers, and believes they can be successful”,(Elizabath F.Barkley, 2010.Students Engagement Techniques). Positive learning environment is, one of the greatest opportunities that a teacher can offer to his/ her students in order to motivate them on studies and develop their skills as well as for well being. A positive environment provides sense of belonging, trust other, and feel stimulated to contests, yield risks as well as ask questions (Bucholz & Sheffler, 2009). According to Weimer (2009), it also provides clear learning goals and feedback, better opportunities to develop social skills, and different teaching techniques to help student prosper.

Advantages of creating a positive learning environment

  • Provides greater opportunities in order to be more responsible on their own learning, which leads to develop their self-confidence and get inspired on studies.
  • Students will be actively engaged in extra-curricular activities.
  • Develop cognitive, social, intellectual and emotional skills as well.
  • Enables to improve academic performance.
  • Minimize misbehavior and will be more well-mannered trough positive reinforcement and obeying rules.
  •  Will be actively engaged in the classroom and  learns to respect each other.
  • Helps to create a productive student.

  Types of learning environments and its importance with specific example
Classroom environment is one of the most important factors affecting student learning. Simply put, students learn better when they view the learning environment as positive and supportive (Dorman, Aldridge, & Fraser, 2006). Therefore, it develops a satisfying involvement rather than of one where the student fights and to build a sense of civic in the classroom is necessary to foster healthy attitudes towards learning.
Following are the major types that contribute to create an effective and positive learning environment. 
Address Learners’ Needs
Learners also have some needs for demand and security, love and belonging, competence and personal power, novelty and freedom and even fun. It is very vital to encounter these needs every times and to help learners’ movement and be qualified with a positive approach, which helps learners to be happier and motivated. This satisfying learning environment enables learners to develop the right learning attitude by creating positive relationship within peers.

Keep it Positive
Students retort even far better to commendation than punishing events. In order to get students motivation it is necessary to appreciate them. To avoid harassment or teasing and being labeled as ‘dull’ or ‘stupid’ in front of others, it is important to express feelings as well as it is also more beneficial to remain positive rather than beating.
Nevertheless, the finest method to cut down this negative performance, in a qualified learning environment, is to start modifying the behavior without emphasizing the names of the ones creating mistakes.
Provide Feedback
This is the best technique to unite with students and to set their learning efforts in the right direction. It is important for students where it benefits them in chasing their improvement and in changing their learning approach consequently. In addition, it also helps them to diagnose their weak areas while enlightening the advanced abilities. Therefore, it provides opportunities to move forward for greater achievements. A timely given positive feedback , helps to motivate students on studies and improves academic performance as well.

Celebrate Success
In addition to feedback and appreciation, another way to establish a positive and effective learning environment is to celebrate the learners’ success. This could be anything from a shout out to a big reward. When learners’ achievements are recognized and shared by the instructors with other learners, it creates a sense of achievement and fosters healthy learning behavior.

Instructors can easily take out some time on a weekly basis to recognize each student for any of the specific accomplishment.  This could also be done in the form of group activities or collective assignments or projects. In addition to the celebration, it is also important to discuss the processes or strategies used by the learner to achieve the objective. This will also act as a guide for others to use the same learning strategy and to improve their performance in the same manner.

In order to succeed academically, student should feel safe both mentally and physically. Though, most of the schools take physical safety measures, not only for different learning platforms but also to consider the mental safety of the pupils. It plays a vital role for physically well-being. For an acceptable maintenance of learning environment, students must feel welcomed, supported and respected as well.

 Collaborating Games and Activities
It is important as teachers to conserve positive relationships within the students whereas to ensure healthier reminder between the pupils. It can be done by conducting best way of inspiring group activities. Conducting non-competitive activities and games break down the groups within a learning environment. Such activities and games helps the new and shy students to have a sense of fitting and it encourage communication and collaborative working environment and create supportive learning environment. Meanwhile, especially fun activities enables to create students interest in appearing the class and support them learn and progress in a friendlier environment.
When we create a positive learning environment, we must keep these significant features in mind, it enables in emerging a successful learning philosophy. A positive learning environment allows students, to feel involved and responsible for their learning and to be more relaxed to participate in group and individual activities too.

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