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Cooperative Learning

September 07, 2019

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning is an effective teaching strategy which can be used to help improve learners understanding of new subject matter. In cooperative learning learners work in groups to complete a task with each individual. In order for the task to be completed, each student must depend upon themselves as well as their group. According to Mowrer,(1994) cooperative learning is describe as a structured systematic instructional strategy that incorporates small groups of students who work together under the direction of their instructor to produce a common product.
Teacher’s role in implementing cooperative learning
Ø  Arrange the chairs and desks as the way that learners are able to work in groups easily.  
Ø   Make groups according to the size of the class and the based on the task. It is better not to make groups more than six members. The best group size is three or four members.
Ø  Choose and provide the needed materials for the assigned task according to the given role of the students.
Ø  “Ensure that your students know what the learning outcome of a given activity is and that they understand your expectations on how this outcome is to be achieved.” (Hunsberger,2016) Make sure that students know the expectation and provide examples and model appropriate behaviours.
Ø   Assign each group member a specific role. Have a task leader, observer, time keeper, material manager, researcher, recorder, fact checker, discussion leader, etc. this will help group members to be responsible for their own role to complete the task.
Ø   Move around the class to check learners need and to remind the role of learners in the group.Take the time to encourage and praise groups for their group skills.”(Cox, 2018)
Ø  Provide time for questioning and teach them the skills they need to be able to solve their problems and get their task completed.
Ø   Evaluate each student based upon how well they learned the material, if they completed the task, and how well they helped their group. Remember that each student receives the same grade as their group.
Ø  Keep the members in each group actively participate. Observe the progress and give constructive feedback. “If the group is unsure on a specific task and needs help, give your immediate feedback and examples that will help reinforce their learning.”(Cox, 2018)

Students Role on implementing Cooperative learning

Ø  Work collaboratively with other students.
Ø  Share their ideas and perform their role in the group.
Ø  Everyone must listen to others within the group.
Ø  Everyone must encourage group members to participate.

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