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Changes In People’s Occupations Due To Technological Development

September 26, 2019


Occupation exists only where it is recognizable as such, and where the occupant has a sufficient measure of control that prevents interference from strangers. 2. Usual or principal business, calling, trade, or work a person is engaged in earning a living.

Impact of Technology on Employment & Unemployment

Technology change has undoubtedly impacted the amount, way and situations in all workplaces. Technology has simultaneously created new jobs for people who were keeping up the pace with it. But many people today, believe that the impact of technology on destroying jobs is more prominent than creating them.

Impact of technology on employment

Development of Technology has a great impact in the workplace with increased productivity, efficiency, performance and at the same time eliminating the risk and human errors. the impact on employments are: 

Creating skilled jobs

Technology is creating a job for skilled workers that can empower themselves according to the complex world.

Easy communication

Once used telephone and fax are now replacing tablet and laptops for communication purpose in the workplace

Improve performance and accuracy

Technology makes work process computerized which can reduce risk and error while improving performance.

Increased salaries

An increase in demand for skilled workers of higher wages has boosted high paying jobs in industries.

More production creates more jobs

We often assume that with productivity job decreases but, the truth is highly productive companies offers more job and pay a better.

Increase work profile

When we draw a relation between technology vs unemployment. Technology has generated various new work profile in software, IT and AI field for experts.
Technology has made various positive changes in fields like medical, agriculture, education, industry and many more and now it’s a great time you should join hand with it and move forward towards innovating tomorrow.


1. Social media manager

A social media manager creates and maintains a company’s social media presences, monitors interactions using web analytic tools, and answers inquiries from followers.

2. Digital marketer

This role involves tasks such as creating marketing campaigns through social media, and using search engine optimization (SEO) to increase visitor traffic to the company’s website. It relies on traditional marketing theories but is applied to the tech sphere.

3. Wind energy engineer

Alternative energy sources are growing rapidly and creating new jobs in areas such as solar, geothermal and wind power. Workers are employed as wind energy engineers, renewable solutions designers and atmospheric scientists.

4. Drone pilot

Since drones hit the mainstream, jobs have been created for pilots offering services from property and wedding photography to asset management to pizza delivery.

5. App developer

A decade ago, we didn’t have smart phones. Now, almost 3 million applications are available on Android app store Google Play. Each of these was built by a developer.

 Impact of Technology on Unemployment

The impact of technology on our life is integrating rapidly. This technology expansion has raised the concern that it can replace various jobs of the unskilled employ that are not much aware with the recent technological changes.

Computers are replacing most of the blue collar jobs creating fear of loss of a job.

Impact of technological change on labor

The use of the machine increases the efficiency and performance by eliminating human errors and risk factor. This destroys jobs for unskilled labor.

Inability to adapt changes

 Technology and unemployment are 2 sides of the same If one is not able to cope with the technology change then there is an equal chance for them to face unemployment.

The speed of technology development

 The pace of technological advancement is so drastic that it is unable for workers to keep track of it.
Income inequality is increasing rapidly.


 Initially, the start of the industrial revolution was assumed as Negative Impact of technology on Unemployment that has swapped away the job of labor but, now advancement of electronics and robotics are set to bring the same technological change that is destroying jobs for unskilled labors and at the same time increasing the demand for skilled workers and expertise.

So this is high time to work in technological jobs to be at the forefront of technology and innovation. The technology is changing with time and now it’s our chance to decide whether we want to stick to today or wanted to change with the time. Read our blog for more articles like this

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