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Can technology solve the crises of higher education?

September 28, 2019

Can Technology Solve Crisis of Higher Education?

The demand for higher education is continuing to escalate as many countries are trying to achieve universal secondary school. Mortar and brick educational institutions may not be able to absorb the demand that is surging properly. There are so many alternative options that are needed. Technology is one of the options since it will play a crucial role in expanding higher education institutions. The paper below seeks to find whether technology can solve higher education crisis.
The answer is yes. There are many ways in which education can solve the problems of higher education. Involvement of technology in education will improve bridged divides and improve access to education (Peters 289). The Heads of the government need to use distance technologies in learning to improve access to quality training and education (Huda 279). Through the use of technology, the learning and teaching of higher education will change the lives of many Peters. There will be access to education to everyone at any time. However, in choosing the technology to apply, it has to depend on its availability, its appropriate, and whether it is affordable (Peters 300). However, technology s not the only panacea for all higher education challenges. However, it must be put in the political, cultural, and social context that is very appropriate. The use of technology can be applied in institutions with students with disabilities to improve their experience (Boškić 290). There need to be technological tools to offer opportunities for disabled students to use computers.                                                                                  
In conclusion, many institutions of higher education globally have started to use technology to improve access and their quality of education. The integration of technology in these institutions will help in clarifying the doubts that are currently in the education sector.
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