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Can technology solve the crises of higher education?

September 15, 2019

Can technology solve the crises of higher education?

        Technology solves many difficulties that we are facing nowadays, to get higher education. Now we can enroll in different courses by staying with our family which makes our life easier.in early days people were not educated because they do not have facilities and resources that we have. Only those who are belong rich family had chance to go abroad and studied.

       There are online courses, blended mode courses, block mode courses, distant course and many different types of courses on going using recent technologies. There are different types of apps as well that we can use to learn things. In this way we can learn our own and we can get any type of information using technology. Now we do not depend on teacher, book and limited resources that we used before. If we have doubt we can search about certain topic using any software such as Google, Firefox and etc.

 In conclusion Technology-mediated teaching and learning can transform lives, making access to education available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. However, the choice of technology must depend on whether it is appropriate, available and affordable. Technology by itself cannot be a solution for all that troubles higher education today but must be placed in an appropriate social, cultural and political context.

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