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Can online education be compatible with the traditional one?

September 29, 2019

Educational institutes have been practicing the traditional teaching method since ages. Most of us are familiar with the traditional model where one teacher is teaching fifty students at a time. No-one knows if those fifty students are able to understand what is being explained or if they are even paying attention to the lecture. This style of teaching is not considered very effective today.

Students have access to new technology which helps them learn and retain information in a far better manner. Which means, it is time for educational institutes to bring some changes to its teaching methods. A popular alternative to traditional education is online education or eLearning.

The online education model is basically trying to overcome the disadvantages of the traditional education system, while also providing additional benefits. In a traditional teaching model, students listen to long lectures, take notes, and usually resort to rote memorization.
This leaves little or no room for active interaction in the classroom. Online education, on the other hand, encourages participation in classroom activities and peer-to-peer collaboration. With the availability of various forms of online study resources, students are able to engage with their courseware and gain knowledge in a much more engaging manner

Here are few ways how online education impacts traditional education:

Students Can Learn at Their Own Pace:

Students have complete control over their lessons. Meaning, they can now learn as per their own pace and learning capacity. Each student learns and memorizes differently. Some might be quick learners, while some might take time to understand a certain topic. In a classroom environment, the teacher explains concepts and answers doubts, but there’s only so much that they can do.

Reduces Dependence on Teachers:
When students have an online learning option available to them, the dependence on teachers for more information or notes reduces. They can get additional information all by themselves with the help of online libraries. With easy access to the internet, students can browse through thousands of online learning content.

 Cost Effective Learning Materials:
If you compare the cost factor, you would find that online education is way more affordable for students than traditional education. This is because of the difference in the creation of online course materials and printed textbooks. A paperback book is costlier because it involves a lot of process in its making. From cutting down trees to the production of paper, to printing, packaging, and shipping.

More Social Interaction and Collaboration:

The traditional education model allows students to interact with each other in and outside of school. But those are mainly face-to-face or telephonic interactions. Online learning model allows further interaction by providing an online platform for discussions. eBooks can be embedded with sharing features, where students can share content and comment on other student’s posts.

 Easy to Assess and Give Feedback:
Teachers usually spend a good amount of time in correcting papers, grading students, checking assignments etc. There’s too much paperwork involved in the traditional education approach. Introducing online course modules will help in reducing this time. The teachers could instead spend more time creating an interactive learning environment in the classroom with activities, discussions etc.


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