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Can online education be compatible with the traditional one?

September 28, 2019

In the 21st century, there are many ways in which you can get an education. Unlike olden days we do not have to depend on face to face classes only to get a proper education. With the introduction of the internet and technologies, people have started getting their degrees and masters with the help of online classes. But can online education be compatible with the traditional one?

Advantages of online education

There are huge amount of advantages of learning online:
-          Flexibility
-          Reduced Costs
-          Networking Opportunities
-          Documentation
-           Increased Instructor - Student Time
-          Access to Expertise

Disadvantages of online education

Some of the disadvantages of learning online include:

-          Lack of accreditation and low quality

-          Little or no face-to-face interaction

-          More work

-          the intense requirement for self-discipline

-          Even more intense requirement for self-direction

By looking at the advantages and disadvantages of online education it is clear that online education itself is a good way of learning but it also requires some face to face classes to make it more effective. If we cut down the traditional way of learning than there might be some people who will not learn, since different people learn in different ways.

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