Can Online Education be Compatible with the Traditional one?

September 23, 2019

Can Online Education be Compatible with the Traditional one?

Today, online education has gained popularity over traditional education between the students and it has grown significantly over the past few years. Many institutions are offering courses online, and a vast number of people are choosing this method of learning over the other with reasons. As we speak, most of the online learners are also workers/employees and they seek education via online since it saves time and is a much easier way to learn without attending classes physically on a regular basis.
However, there are also disadvantages/advantages by seeking education through single online classes. Most of the time it is always doing given tasks, which in a way helps the students to gain information on their own, yet, it impedes the chance of getting the correct information as students would not have a guidance.
Students, mostly young children and adolescence will need a good guidance while learning. Therefore, it is better to seek education through the traditional way for them. In this way, teachers will be able to evaluate the students and provide help by knowing their weaknesses. Also, attending classes on a regular basis helps the students to be well disciplined and also can interact with the teacher and other students. This helps them to share their thoughts and views, also teachers can give answers to the questions asked right way.

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